CONTRAfluran Anaesthetic Gas Capture System

CONTRAfluran Anaesthetic Gas Capture System

The CONTRAfluranTM Anaesthetic Gas Capture System captures 99%1 of exhaled anaesthetic gases in the surgical suite, thereby preventing their release into the atmosphere through the AGSS system. The CONTRAfluranTM canister contains a highly porous material that absorbs and retains anaesthetic gas. One canister holds approximately 240 ml (one bottle) of a mix of both desflurane and sevoflurane2. Once canisters are full, Baxter collects them to recycle both the filter material and the captured gas to use as an active pharmaceutical ingredient for new anaesthetic gas.  

Easy to use
• The system is simple to install and space efficient.
• The sensor unit SENSOfluranTM attaches directly to the anaesthesia machine and presents a visual signal and an audible alert when the canister is full.

Watch the recycling system with CONTRAfluranTM in this video

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